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          中國科協青少年科技中心(科普活動中心)是中國科協所屬社會公益性機構,從事向青少年和社會公眾傳播科學,開展示范性、導向性科學普及活動,組織青少 年科技競賽的工作。中國科協作為中國科技工作者的群眾組織,認真履行《中華人民共和國科學技術普及法》和《全民科學素質行動計劃綱要》賦予的重要職責,把促進公眾理解科學提升科學素質作為自己的重要使命。中國科協青少年科技中心(科普活動中心)是中國科協開展青少年科技教育、向公眾進行科學技術傳播的重要力量。


          Children & Youth Science Center of CAST is a non-profit organization. The center is engaged in the spread of science knowledge for adolescents and the public, organization of pilot science activities as well as science contests. As a non-governmental organization of scientists and engineers, CAST performs its obligations according to Law of the People’s Republic of China on Popularization of Science and Technology and Outline of National Scheme of Scientific Literacy for All Chinese and considers the promotion of public understanding of science and the enhancement of science literacy as its missions. And Children & Youth Science Center is a driving force of CAST for the adolescent science education and the popularization of science and technology. Since the 1970s, Children & Youth Science Center has developed various science education activities for adolescents in order to cultivate their interest in science, build up scientific mind and spirit as well as promote their science literacy as the future citizens. In 2006 the State Council (the Cabinet) of China promulgated Outline of National Scheme of Scientific Literacy for All Chinese, having higher requirement for science dissemination. Meanwhile Children & Youth Science Center of CAST added another name-Science Communication Event Center. Having the two names, the center enlarged its functions from organizing science educational activities for adolescents only to conducting some important large scale science communication activities for both adolescents and adults. All these activities generate great influences around the country.